Experience Southern Illinois
- through the inspirational piano solos of Zola Van. Zola's latest project combines the power of nature with her own artistic vision to produce a CD unlike any other.

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Who is Zola Van?
Music, wildflowers, piano, scenic Southern Illinois: to blend these together into a beauty that reflects her roots comes naturally for Zola Van. read more

Comments from Zola's Fans

Carol A Christmas Journey #1 for December 2003

New Age Voice - Top 100 Radio Airplay!

NAV Top 100 Radio Airplay ranks Paint the Forest Winter #1 album for December 2002 in Charts/Playlists

New Age - Ambient - World Top 100 Radio Chart ranks the same cd #2 album for January 2003

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track 2. Heartbeat at High Knob 0:45
track 11. Mighty River: Tower Rock 0:37

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